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  You've researched the company, updated your CV and passed the job interview with flying colours.你已经研究了这家公司,更新了你的简历,并且成功通过面试。

  But experts say you shouldn't rush into accepting a job offer until you've asked your potential employer ten vital questions. 但专家认为,在没问过你的潜在雇主10个关键问题之前,你不该匆忙接受这份工作。

  From enquiring about recent team promotions to questioning what they dislike about the company, recruiters say posing these questions can help ensure you get the money, respect and happiness that you deserve. 招聘者表示,不论是询问团队中的近期升迁,还是询问他们对公司有何不喜,都能帮你确保得到应有的薪资、尊重和快乐。

  1. Is the salary negotiable? 1. 薪水可协商吗?

  'This is a question on every candidate’s lips,' said Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library. 英国求职网站CV-Library的创始人和总经理李?比金斯说:“这是每个应聘者嘴边的问题。”

  'If you don’t try, you don’t get. Be prepared to back your case though as every employer is out to cut costs where possible – even if you’re the best person for the job.' “如果不去争取,你就没法儿得到想要的。当然,要做好应答的准备。所有雇主都会在一切可能的地方设法减少开支——即使你是该岗位的最佳人选。”

  A spokesperson for Glassdoor agrees, adding: 'Remember an offer is an offer and very few employers expect you to take the first one out of the gate.' 美国招聘网站Glassdoor的发言人同意比金斯的观点,还表示:“谨记,录用通知只是录用通知而已,很少有雇主会指望你一次就签下协议。”

  'So, come to the table expecting to negotiate. Don’t just ask for more, but do so intelligently, with real numbers to support your argument. Use your research to put together a case for more base salary or a signing bonus because if you don’t ask, you most definitely won’t get it. “所以,来到谈判桌前好好协商吧。不要直白地要求更多薪水,而是聪明地用实际数字支撑你的论点。用你的调查结果组织论据,争取更高底薪或者签约奖金。因为如果你不去要求这些,你就肯定得不到。”

  'And, as I know from being an employee and a hiring manager, it is always easier negotiate as you are going into a new job.' “而且以我做职员和招聘经理的经验看,刚入职时商讨薪资总是更容易的。”

  2. Aside from salary, what other workplace perks do you offer your staff? 2. 除了薪水,职员还有哪些工作福利?

  While some companies can’t offer the highest wages, they are able make up for it in other areas. Ask this question to find out how else they reward staff, whether it's flexible working, free lunches, and so on. 有些公司尽管不能提供最高的薪水,却能在其他方面进行弥补。问这个问题能知道他们怎么在其他方面奖励员工,不论是弹性工作制,免费午餐还是别的什么。

  Negotiation expert Jonathan O'Brien believes that you should ask about training courses and business qualifications. 'It shows your employer you want to better yourself and increase your skill set, and indicates that you have a long-term interest in the company.' 谈判专家乔纳森?奥布莱恩认为,你应当询问有关培训课程和业务资质的问题。“这向你的雇主展示了你想变得更优秀、想增长技能的愿望,并且表明了你对公司的长久兴趣。”

  'It’s crucial that you ask about training before you accept the job,' said Steve Jeffers, HR director at Meridian Business Support. 'Let’s face it, you won’t want to go in a role and stay there indefinitely – you’re likely to want a promotion at some point. By asking at the interview stages you can understand how you will progress through the company from the offset.' 英国招聘公司子午线的人力资源总监史蒂夫?杰弗斯说:“接受工作前询问培训课程是至关重要的。说实在的,你绝对不想总待在同一个职位上——你想在某个时候升职。通过面试时的询问,你能了解如何在这家公司一步步发展。”

  3. What are the career development opportunities? 3.有哪些职业发展机会?

  It’s a staple question, but very important. If you’re an individual that is driven by your ability to move up the ladder, this will help you understand the routes available and the potential timeframes. 这是个常规问题,但非常重要。如果你是受自我升职能力驱动的人,这个问题会帮你了解可用的晋升途径和可能的时间线。

  4. Can you provide me with an example of a team member who recently got promoted? 4.可以举个团队里最近升职的例子吗?

  This is another good way to find out what success and growth looks like in the company and helps you to know whether people are getting promoted and for what reasons. 这是另一个了解公司内职业成功和个人成长的好方法,让你知道职员是否得到升职以及得以升职的原因。

  5. If I asked your employees to describe the company, what would they say? 5.公司员工对公司有怎样的看法?

  Asking this question really puts the employer on the spot, but helps you to understand the company culture and how you could potentially fit. 问这个问题真正让你的雇主感到为难了,但能帮你了解公司文化以及你该怎么适应它。

  6. What do you dislike the most about working at the company? 6.在这里工作您最不喜欢的是什么?

  Forcing your potential employer to be honest and open up to you can give you great insights into how happy you’ll be as one of their colleagues. 迫使你的潜在雇主对你开诚布公,你就得到了绝佳的机会来了解作为他们的同事,你能否工作愉快。

  7. How was your weekend? 7.您怎么过周末?

  'Yes, really,' said negotiation expert, Jonathan O'Brien. 'Warm and genuine small talk means that you will get to know each other, build rapport and it will make it seem less likely that you are negotiating hard for the best possible package.' “是的,真的要问这个。”谈判专家乔纳森?奥布莱恩说。“温暖真诚的聊天意味着你们能了解对方,建立融洽关系,并且让你看起来不那么像在争取可能得到的最好待遇。”

  8. What does success look like to you in this role? 8.您觉得在这个职位上怎么才算成功?

  Finding out what their ideal candidate looks like can help you to decide if you really are the right fit for the company and whether you are able to meet their expectations. 了解他们理想候选人的模样,能帮你确定自己是不是公司的恰当人选,以及你能否达到他们的期待。

  9. Who will I be reporting in to? 9. 我将向谁汇报?

  Managers can make or break your happiness at work. It’s important to know who your boss-to-be is and whether you can get on with them. It’s likely they’ll have been in your interview, but it’s worth checking the team structure just in case. 你的主管影响着你工作的愉快程度。了解谁是你的未来上司以及你们能否相处融洽是很重要的。他们可能已经在面试中出现过了,但以防万一,确认一下团队结构还是值得的。

  Even better, John Lees, author of How To Get A Job You Love, suggests asking to meet the team. 甚至可以更进一步。《如何得到一份热爱的工作》的作者约翰?利斯建议你提出和团队见面。

  'While you’re considering the details of a written job offer, ask for an opportunity to spend some time with the people you will actually be working with. This confirms your strong interest in the job, but also helps you to be sure that you will fit in, and tells you a great deal about organisational culture. 当你斟酌工作合同细节的时候,询问是否有机会见一见将要真正共事的人。这不仅能确定你对工作的兴趣,还能帮你确认自己能否融入团队,让你了解到更多的公司文化。

  'If the organisation turns down your request, you might wonder what’s in store. A relaxed workplace visit can tell you a great deal about working style – and you may discover why the last post holder left!' “如果公司拒绝了你的请求,你可能会好奇在那里工作到底是怎么样的。一次放松的公司参观能告诉你关于工作风格的许多东西。你可能会发现上一任离开的原因!”

  Peter Cobley, founder and managing director at recruitment consultancy Found Us, agreed, saying: 'Culture is slowly becoming a top factor in a job move. When you’ve got the likes of Google building allotments for employees it’s no major surprise… But figuring the culture out during the interview stages is tricky. 彼得?科布里是招聘咨询公司Found Us的创始人和总经理。他说:“文化正慢慢变成影响工作变动的最主要因素。为员工提供谷歌那样的空间格局并不算很惊人。但要在面试阶段就弄清公司文化是很困难的。”

  'Ask the person offering you the job if you can meet the wider team for lunch – and let them choose the location. Not only will you get a handle on what the people you will be working with are like, but letting them choose the location will give you an insight in what they do when they socialise outside of work.' “询问招聘官能否见见团队里更多的人,一起吃个午饭,并且请他们选地方。这不仅能让你了解将要共事的是怎样的人,还能通过所选的地点得知他们在工作之余的社交中都会做什么。”

  10. Can I have this in writing? 10. 我能拿到书面合同吗?

  Verbal agreements are much less binding than written ones so before you formally accept a position, get all of the final details of your salary and benefits on paper and review them carefully before signing the dotted line. 口头协议的约束力远不及书面协议。因此在正式接受职位之前,将薪水和福利的所有最终细节以书面形式确定下来,仔细审阅之后再签名。

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